CUTTING THE FEDERAL BUDGET – A Presidents Broken Promise

The Republican’s greatest hero in modern times, like almost all politicians, turned-out to be a liar. Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States (1981– 1989), did in fact lie on the stage, at least five times, with great applause each time from me and many others in the crowd, stated that he was going to cut the budget of the Federal Government of the United States, at Holiday Park in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on a sunny afternoon during his first campaign. Of course he did not and of course increased the budget over and above his Democratic predecessor Jimmy Carter. Apparently he was not a fiscal conservative that he had represented. It is the main reason I will never ever vote for a Democrat or Republican, except for Ron Paul who, as we all know, is really a libertarian, Almost all Republican and Democrats lie and therefore I cannot trust anything they promise or ever say. My membership in my younger and more naïve year in the Democratic Party, taught me just how undemocratic and unethical the Democrats also were. Sadly that is the state of our Union.    

Reagan of course had an excuse. The military was weakened by the Democrats under spending and therefore increasing the budget was “required” due to national defense threats during the cold war.  He apparently didn’t know that our military had weakened considerably, until after his campaign, and we still elected this putz? Of course, no rational libertarian or anyone else for that matter believed that our military was really that weak, but the military contractors loved it, swore to the world it was necessary to rebuild, and of course laughed all the way to the bank as they always have throughout history. They even came up with the cockamamie story that our spending ourselves into bankruptcy caused the Soviet Union to spend themselves into bankruptcy. It is amazing the lies that these people come up with, to redistribute wealth into the hands of the ruling class through the military industrial complex. General Butler after WWI and General and President Eisenhower after WWII both warned us about the Military industrial complex, as even Thomas Jefferson did. Obviously it must have been a problem throughout history. I guess we do not really learn from history.         

Is perpetual war for perpetual peace really the answer?  Does the U.S. really have to be the single largest military force in the world?  Do we have to be the policemen of the world? We are not first in education (23), we are not first in healthcare (43), however, we are interestingly enough, first in the number, on a per capita basis, of people incarcerated in the world. Many countries have virtually no military presence, yet survive somehow for generations. Why can’t we be normal like the rest of the world?  Military might has not provided prosperity for the more than 50 million people now on some form of government welfare to survive.     

Do we really need a Department of Education when there is a Department of Education already in every State? Does redundancy really have to exist in so many Federal Agencies? Do we need a Department of Transportation when every State already has one and we have the Army Corp of Engineers for Federal Projects?  How many government research labs do we need around the Country when there is both research labs in the private sector and on most University Campuses?  Do we need government employees studying windmills when we have 25 companies around the world doing research and development on a continuous basis on windmills? Do we need both the FBI and Homeland Security? Isn’t that what they are both doing in conjunction with the DEA, CIA, NSA, National Guard and of course our military. Oh that’s right, I forgot, our Military is out there defending the other governments round the world, so we cannot obviously count them for domestic security.   

Is the issue of raising taxes really on the table when so much could be cut from the Federal Budget that isn’t necessary? Couldn’t we take a break from the space program for a while until we get our domestic economy back in shape. But of course they are talking about cutting the necessary programs instead of the unnecessary ones.  We’ll hear of course, oh those programs don’t really account for that much of the budget. Frankly madam, I don’t really give a damn, cut them. Homelessness, foreclosures, bankruptcies  and unemployment are at a all time high, cut them and help our Citizens.   

Do you really want to cut the costs of government, try the war on drugs? Perpetual drug warfare for perpetual jobs in law enforcement, that do little to curtail drug use, trafficking of drugs by street gangs and cartels, money laundering by businesses and banks and of course police and government corruption in almost every agency within law enforcement. These taxable activities would take the drug control away from cartels and street gangs and give them to local business people which would pay for local law enforcement. Ask your neighbor, who would you feel better selling drugs in your community, local gang members or your local licensed druggist? And when the dodge the question, tell them not to be a unrealistic, these are the only two possible answers. People can put their head in the sand, pretend that law enforcement can stop drug use despite the historical facts ignore the real world, but that is really being irresponsible.

Just wait, you will see those in power, cut those things like public parks and rangers before they cut the drug units in local law enforcement.  Swat teams will continue to harass people for participating in the sale and distribution of drugs, which hasn’t ever worked in the 45 years I been watching it.

Just in the New York Times today they started setting people up for what is to come: Economy Faces a Jolt as Benefit Checks Run Out, By MOTOKO RICH Published: July 10, 2011 “Total government payments rose to $2.3 trillion in 2010, from $1.7 trillion in 2007, an increase of about 35 percent.”

They won’t be talking however about the vast spending on “war”fare through the military industrial complex and what they will do to cut that spending as they line the pockets with your money. They won’t be talking about the redundancy at the various levels of government or the drastic amount of unnecessary spending, waste and pork projects. They won’t be talking about the 770,000 Federal Employees who make more money than their respective Governors in the State which they reside.

Everyone knows that excessive taxation and excessive government spending is what got us into this mess in the first place. Just do the math. Nobody is willing to buy our Government debt any more as the inability to repay it is now clear to all.  Only governments using their fiat currency have been willing to any degree to buy our fiat currency in the recent past and even they have stopped the purchases, as sovereign debt and government defaults loom around the world. Those in political power are now faced with the inevitable decisions of what to cut from their spending and like Minnesota did, everybody knew that the budget needed to be cut, just not those that are near and dear to them themselves, so they made no decision and let the administration make the hard decisions. Hopefully the Governors of the various States will place pressure on the Federal Government to stop the redundancy and waste so that all government services are not cut off without a orderly scheduled downsizing, so to allow people to adapt to the drastic changes we face in coming years.

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