Lawlessness vs The Law

Larkin Rose explains, what some define as anarchy; without government, how it would work and why a civil society does not require a politically determined government.

Thinking that people will not defend themselves and their property, no matter what laws have been enacted, appears to escape those who claim governments police powers are a necessity in a civil society. The Police spend 98% of their time investigating criminal actions, not stopping them from occurring in the first place. Laws are simply typed words in books on shelves that honest people do not need and criminal ignore.


10 thoughts on “Lawlessness vs The Law

  1. My local city and county officials, determined that they would take my property without just compensation. They did this by using chemical weapons to eliminate me from my home, business and property. They just pretend that it didn’t happen, when someone does question them about my situation they simply state that I am “crazy” and never answer any questions. The evidence is solid. State and Federal violations of my rights have been violated in a brutal way that has caused me physical harm and emotional distress, but I have always been of sound mind. One time the ER overdosed me on IV steroids in an attempt to relieve the pain from the effect the chemicals causing me a severe skin condition, that has become chronic. The chemicals are listed as weapons used for terrorist acts. But nobody has ever been held accountable, been charge or even reprimanded for any of the criminal offenses many of these officials have committed or participated in committing against me. I am a US citizen, I have the same rights as anyone else to be protected from violation of those rights by Federal authorities. Chemical warfare is illegal in the US. The Fbi Agent who came to my home for the purpose of reviewing my evidence determined after he arrived that I could just tell him the story. He used hearsay as evidence and that hearsay came from a third party who know no facts about my case, but did assist the city clerk in removing the evidence from the cities web page to cover it up. I have learned much about the system since this began. A conflict of interest is used to protect the corrupt officials. According to the FBI and the AUSA private property rights are not Federally protected rights. When I asked if I should have shot the individual who applied the chemicals to my property for over 5 years with the intent to eliminate me, I was treated as if I had threatened him. I only asked. He and his co-conspirators did threaten my life. I would be dead if I had not chose to flee from my own property as being exposed to chemicals was not going to stop until he had acquired my property. I chose to flee that take up arms believing the justice system would hold terrorists accountable. The FBI agent informed me that there is no law against terrorist acts, only against those who support terrorist, well there are about a dozen local officials who supported terrorism then. The AUSA advised me not to contact his office any more as they are not going to put any more resources into my case. They have not put any resources into my case as it is, not even given it a case number. I challenged the AUSA to a fist fight over this as I am not going to be the only victim in the US who has been robbed of all assets by terrorist acts using chemical weapons to eliminate me. I need names of the supervisors in Washington who oversee these authorities. The AUSA advised he is the top authority. I say b.s. and I will find out who it is. Nobody has the right to do anything to anyone else’s property. The AUSA has no reason not to prosecute this local enterprise of self- serving criminals and continue this ongoing figurative gang rape committed against me his duty is to prosecute corrupt local officials. He advised me that for not legitimate reason he is using attorney discretion simply because he has that power to screw citizens out of their Constitutional rights. He has the power but no moral turpitude or conviction to his oath to uphold the Constitution. His is a immoral pussy. And my challenge still stands, I will fist fight him over this and I hope to see him remove from his job do to his arrogant power ego stroking.


    • Thank you for your comment. I’ve approved your comment subject to providing as much evidence as you can to the readers supporting your claims. I’ve reposted your website URL, so others can read it if they haven’t already.

      It is not unusual for those in the government to take property from individuals without due process or for illegal reasons and there are a number of similar cases where special interest are behind the taking. Former President George W. Bush while an Officer and Board of Director of the Texas Angels, the Major League baseball team, used Eminent Domain to take a family farm under the erroneous rationale of general welfare to have the land to build a parking lot for their new stadium. Many of the Judges are just as corrupt as most of the polticians.

      The taking of your property is, of course, illegal unless the eminent domain process is followed and the rationale is legitimate. That is not legal advice, but simple common sense.

      IMHO, it is best to fight through the courts but that does not guarantee justice and it is surely difficult to find Attorneys willing to fight City Hall.

      The more you can tell us about who, what, where, when, why and how much the more the story will make sense to the readers. The ACLU also takes cases like this but pick and choose their cases very carefully.

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      • Your absolutely right, common sense pretty much guides reasonable people through life. There was no eminent domain for my property. This was just at the evidence shows. Blatant cruel chemical attack until I was eliminated. Thank you for sharing. I cannot tell you how it feels to know that I was considered less than human by my hometown. I do not know how these people have kept the facts tucked away for so long. Yes I do, they began defaming my character to the general public. I know of one particular time I had written a letter to the editor about the situation when it was early in the process of elimination. The same week the letter was published coincided with the annual Watermelon festival. According to a witness, the Mayor was at the beginning of the parade route about to approach him to ask where to line up to be in the parade, Walking up from behind him, she overheard a citizen ask “what is that letter to the editor about?”, The Mayor replied “oh she’s crazy, Mark Conlee has done nothing wrong.” By making that statement in public the Mayor’s actions are unethical. I understand that what you say is not legal advice, I know the law pertaining to private property and the responsibilities the government has to protect the rights of all. In this case every person needed to pull off such a stunt happened to be holding the right position in local government. No eminent domain, just pure greed from corrupt government officials. I mean clear to the top of the Federal authorities. I had always been a goal achiever. I had my future layed out for me, My property was the center of all my present and future financial resources. Just as most private property owners, my property was my biggest investment. I had to overcome some hurdles to be able to acquire that property. I assisted in changing Federal law to assist the poor out of poverty. The actions of these officials cannot go without accountability. You are right that private property has been taken by eminent domain. Never has private property been taken by using chemical warfare to eliminate the property owner, for the purpose of a neighbor acquiring that property. Never has this happened, you know why? Because it is against the law, State and Federal to use chemicals on the property of another person. It is illegal to issue non compliant building permits. It is illegal for a County detective to misrepresent his authority to be that of a city building official not to mention the conflict of interest being this neighbor was his brother. This is all the evidence, there is no other side, The only other side is based on provable lies told by and to these people. If there were evidence that supported any justifiable reason this happened to me and only me in the entire Nation I would put it out here. There simply is not, This was a conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights under color of law, and multiple other State and Federal criminal offenses. This is not a civil case, these acts are criminal. I have contacted any agency, individual, org that I can find and asked for assistance, To no avail. When the AUSA tells a person who has been violated to this degree that he is using attorney discretion not to prosecute it starts to become more of a realization that this could actually go unpunished. I be damn if I am going to let it rest. I can’t afford to, I have chronic medical conditions from the intentional poisoning. My financial resources is non existent. I am not going to allow this to happen. And it would be a crime if the public did not show outrage that this did happen. I have been advised from early on that Senator Charles Grassley has requested two inquiries into this case. I was advised that the evidence I was submitting to Grassley was being forwarded to the FBI. I was advised that a Federal authority would contact me, Well that was years ago. I continued to inquire as to how long this would take. I was advised it would take quite some time. Well after ten years I got a little impatient. I reached out to the local FBI division. Unfortunately not before the Sheriff had contacted a FBI agent friend of his and briefed him on his own version of what took place. The agent I contacted never gave this case a number. I was told that if a review is done on a case that last a certain amount of time a number must be issued. This agent had no intention of investigating any evidence I had. It took me to drive a considerable distance only to be told it was to late in the day to speak to anyone. I arrived at 2p.m. I advised that I would get a room and be at division headquarters first thing the following morning. I was advised that is would not be possible to speak to anyone that day either because it was a Federal holiday, Columbus Day. The FBI website states clearly that SA are on the job 24-7. There are several things stated on the FBI website that have not rang true locally. My agent did finally (16 months) later make arrangements to come to my home for the purpose of reviewing my hard copy evidence. When he arrived he advised me that he was not going to review any evidence, that I could verbally tell him the story. I advised him that it was not possible for anyone to tell this story verbally because it is to complex, looking at the documentation nobody could deny what I allege did happen. I believe when he left (2 1/2 hrs) he had 3 notes written on his pad. He advised me that he was not going to present this case to the AUSA. If fact he does not have the ability to present this case to anyone, let alone the AUSA. How could he if he only had three notes written on his pad? This case is as complex as they come. This behavior is the same as those who took an oath to uphold the Constitution before I contacted him, and the ignorance continued with the AUSA after him. I feel like I am being forced to commit a crime in order for anyone to take notice of the burtallity used against me. Not in this Nations history has chemical weapons been used against our own people.. I can find no case similar to this case. All cases in which non compliant structures have been built the court orders the structures to be brought into compliance or removed. In this case the local officials implicate themselves in conspiracy. They knew they had no reason to care if they committed murder actually. They apparently knew how to get away with it. I am not kidding, I am sure that had I not have fled I would be dead. Any reasonable person realizes that to claim an investigation has been done, would take interviewing witnesses, looking into financial records for payments that could be considered a bribe, not done. Speak to my medical doctors, not done. To consider hearsay having more relevance than hard copy documentation, completely ignorant. This agent repeatedly advised me that no Federal law has been violated. Private property rights are Federally protected rights, IGNORANT. I want to speak to any Congressional or Senate committee to present this case personally to them, I want to see what the lawmakers and policy takers have to say about this hard copy evidence that is indisputable. Oppressing me is only making me more angry with everyday that passes and I have to watch this imposters living large on the guts of my property. The ridiculousness of this case really bothers me, how they got away with this, so far. Who in their right mind does this to another human being? I am at a loss of words.


      • I have contacted the ACLU several times, I have never gotten a response, in reading what type of cases they generally take, imo this case would be just that kind of case. No private attorney will take it any response has been the same from all. “We simply do not have the time to dedicate to such a complex and unprecedented case. I do kind of understand that. But in my research I believe that this case would award significant amount of financial damages award. The chemical was glyphosate, I tried to convince the city and county attorney to file trespassing complaint on my behalf, they would not enforce the law. The police chief stated he “didn’t want to make this guy mad”. They had no problem that the chemicals were costing me my life, but did not want to make this guy mad. If I can find any humor in this at all, it might be that I make comments that I should have shot him dead, readers criticize me for making such statements. Well had law enforcement done their duty instead of holding this guy above the law, I would not be the victim of terrorist acts. Some suggest I should have said, “I should have shot him in the knee caps”. They have no experience with a psychopath. He would not have stopped being only injured, the law was not willing to stop him, in spite of a civil court order. They know him better than I do, the only way to stop this man would have been to shoot him dead. I really wish a psychologist would offer to review the evidence I have in this case, simply by reading his statements it is clear that he has a serious mental disorder. Understand people he was willing to take my life to acquire my property, had I not have fled I would be dead. Those are the simple facts. For these public imposters to allow this to happen is the most unconscionable thing I believe I have ever known a bunch of self-serving greedy government officials to ever gather together to allow this to happen to any citizen. Chemical warfare is a crime against humanity. The Feds have stuck by their claim that no Federal law has been violated. That really makes me angry. Do they really think I don’t know what my rights are and what crimes they have committed against me? These locals are scared to death of this guy and as the evidence shows they have good reason. This man is a danger to society. Rather than hold him above the law and allow me to be the victim of crimes committed by him and on his behalf they should have stood up to him in the first place, being afraid? I hear every day that law enforcement put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform and go to work. Well let me tell you that is not what law enforcement does in Lee County, Iowa. The evidence supports they have no regard for the oaths they take to uphold the Constitution as well as every other local government official. This case is one of sexual discrimination. I know that had I have been a man, they would not have been so blatant is a man came out of my house instead of this middle aged female. They ran another female out of town just prior to the attack against me and my property. They did not take such extreme steps to eliminate her though. Senator Grassley’s assistant has been active throughout this case since I first contacted him in 2007. Only within the past 2 weeks has he not responded to my emails. I tried to call him twice today, the first time he had just step out of the office, I left a message for him to call me back, he never. I called again this evening and left another message to call me back. Avoidance is not a tactic that will work with me, I will not go away. I will fight this till I draw my last breath on this earth. How far should I have to go to seek justice? I shouldn’t, at this point the US Attorney should not hesitate to prosecute these greedy bastards. The US attorney has notified me that he will not prosecute these “good old boys”. How dare him to continue to abuse my Federal rights. How dare him think he has the option not to prosecute a case that was this brutal causing severe physical harm, lifelong effects. I have done nothing except be unfortunate enough to have purchased the adjoining property 10 years before this neighbor bought his lot from the Mayor. For the FBI to claim there has been an investigation is comparable to their claim that no Federal law has been violated. I suggest to all the attorneys involved in this case and all the law enforcement that has been involved in this case you have violated the public’s trust. You have the ethical duty to resign immediately. I will see that justice is served either by the justice system or when I see fit. I have said it before and I will say it again, in the end I will not be the only victim in this case. At this time I believe if anyone and everyone write a letter of protest to the Attorney General for the Southern District of Iowa, it my convince the prince of power to reconsider this case, I request that an independent investigator reexamine the evidence and determine if any Federal laws have been violated. That does not seem to unreasonable based on the fact that I know there has been no investigation into any of the evidence in this case to date. No investigation will not serve justice be served. This story simply does not end, it started in 2004 and has continued to date. Big money here for the taking as I see it.


  2. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you. Yes, I can only explain my reaction to the brutality of the tactics used was a state of shock. And then after all the criminal offenses committed against my by the local and State I expected the Feds to come in and prosecute. These are very serious criminal offenses. Terrorism, crimes against humanity, the list goes on for miles. Nearly every day I found myself trying to defend my private property from the chemicals being applied or in court defending myself against criminal charges that are fabricated. Laws that do not exist! Seriously and I cannot get a trespassing complaint against my attacker to literally save my life. Here is the evidence in part but enough to show any reasonable person the degree of the violations that have been and still are being committed against me. When the Feds claim there has been no violation of Federal law, I have a problem with the Feds comprehension of the law.


    • Wow, I read over most of what you presented and It is a great example of how those in government who are allegedly here to protect our rights and property, are often the greatest usurpers. The injustice, collusion and corruption appear to extend into the Judiciary as it often does. We have run into the same problems on many occasions.

      I need to read through it again but I just wanted to let you know I will do whatever I can to assist. You surely have a good case and it is pretty well documented.

      A friend locally was literally run out of town under even more nefarious reasons including the discovery of drug trafficking by those in the government including law enforcement. He has resorted to writing a book on it having failed with other methods of achieving justice.

      Was your property insured under any form of homeowners insurance during this period?


      • The AUSA advised me that my evidence is assumptive. I hardly think actual documents are assumptive. What a joke he is. Protecting the rights of citizens, NOT


        • That is how the Judges, prosecutors, and legislators have unlawfully abrogated the Constitution and undermined our rule of law. As the final arbiter of the Constitution and rule of law that have simply allowed those in the government like you thieves are doing, to steal money and property from the citizens with no recourse. Most people don’t know it, but the 16th Amendment, allowing direct taxation, was not ever legally ratified and even when proven with the actually notarized documents from the various States involved at the time, various Judges have still ruled against the petitioners and even put the author in jail who collected the evidence and put it in a book. It’s called, The Law That Never Was and it is clear it was not ratified by all the required States. Most people could care less though.


  3. yes but it did not cover flooding, which was due to the illegal removal of a berm. My biggest complaint of course is the use of chemical warfare to eliminate me. There is no justification of that, and for the FBI to claim that no violation of Federal law has occurred? I will not accept it now or never. I believe these thugs should be charged with war crimes, I see no difference.


  4. insured but not for flooding, I was not in a flood zone. This was simply a case of a man wanted to put the structures that would legally fit on a half acre lot and he squeezed it on a long narrow lot. Not enough lot for the oversized structures, not compliant to State code. The building officials knew what he was doing was not compliant to code. He was afraid to make him comply, everyone was afraid to enforce any laws against this psycho. Because they knew they could not make him comply, he was not willing. So they just let him do what he wanted. Only when he went to get it recorded on the plat map was the redevelopment rejected. The remedy was the determined to eliminate me. He had to have my property to ever be compliant to State law. Using chemical warfare is a violation of Federal law, terrorist acts. But the FBI did not know that private property rights are Federally protected. Ain’t that some shit. I need to have telephone contact with the higher authority of this SA FBI agent, in Washington, DC. I need the direct contact with Sen Grassley not his assistant. I need these people prosecuted for public corruption. I need compensated for my damages. This cannot be allowed and it is illegal. The FBI agent would only say that no Federal law has been violated, my butt, many Federal laws have been violated. And there is no statute of limitations for acts of terrorism. The FBI holds a high priority in exposing public corruption, this case is corrupt as you could find. I have not violated any law. But I would feel justified by taking up arms. and I would get my day in court. That is how raped I feel, nobody does this to another human being. I am tired of trying to get the obvious criminal offenses prosecuted and the government will not so again I am on my own to protect my rights. I am so pissed off the evidence cannot be disputed, its right there in black and white. I want to talk to the highest authority in person because I it is unreasonable for anyone who refused to review my evidence to be able to present my case to a prosecutor. I am not a writer so I can not write a book and why should these crooks get away with forcing me from my property using chemical weapons?


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