Foreign Aid to Isreal on Hold


The Infamous David Irving

He’s a Britton, called the leader of the Holocaust Deniers. Not only does he “not” deny the Holocaust, many believe he is the most knowledgeable historian in the world on the Third Reich. At the age of 25, he published his first bestseller; The Destruction of Dresden, the story of the U.S. and Brtish bombing of Dresden, Germany.

For decades, the controlled media has covered up many historical truths for fear of exposing the actions and profits of the military industrial complex. Some of the very people who claimed to have been the victims are the ones who made the most profits.  

Will The Real ________ Please Stand UP

For many of you younger folks, this was the tagline of a game show back in the 1960s called “To Tell The Truth” where a group of four people (contestants) would try to fool a panel of four TV celebrities by pretending to be a person who had either done something that was not widely known but was considered an impressive accomplishment or had an unusual or impressive occupation. As an example, a rocket scientist at NASA who had invented something important or a world champion Bull Rider. One of the four was the actual infamous person and the celebrity panel would get to ask the four contestants various true/false questions with each of them answering the questions as if they were the infamous person.  At the end of the question/answer session, the TV Host would ask the real person to please stand up, to see if the contestants were able to fool the Celebrities or not.  Not only was it entertaining to learn the various accomplishments and/or interesting occupations of people, trying to guess, as the viewers and the live audience, who the real person was based on their answers was fun. A game of both deception and detection of the truth or lie because three of the four people were trying to fool the celebrity panel.

Is Donald Trump a charismatic big mouthed individual with a high IQ but a low logical cognitive mentality or just another lying politician. Why is it like most of his other Presidential predecessors, he has ended up being so hypocritical on many issues. As an example, he berated President Obama for selling more short-term treasuries instead of longer-term ones and yet his administration is selling even shorter-term Treasuries then his predecessor. It is easier to sell shorter-term Treasures because they have less risk associated with them than longer-term ones and our current economic condition is causing investors to avoid the longer-term ones. Donald Trump should have known why investors were avoiding them and not criticized the Obama Administration for doing better than he has done in this area. If the Democrats are smart they are going to use this mistake as a criticism against the Republicans in the upcoming and next Presidential election.

The inability of the Trump Administration to be unable to sell the longer-term Treasures is also an indication, that the long-term economic outlook of the U.S. is not as bright as his administration is saying. If it were his administration would be able to sell the longer higher yielding term Treasuries. The Dems would be wise to use this data to also throw the Republicans under the bus.

There is also one more possibility. He’s just another lying politician who told us he loves Wikileaks multiple times during his campaign, yet the head of Wikileaks Julian Assange remains in fear of arrest, under protected political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, by the very entity, the U.S. Justice Department who is commanded by Donald Trump as President. So, when he said he loved Wikileaks was he really insinuating that he was happy Assange and Wikileaks had exposed numerous examples of U.S. government corruption which many many people applauded when he said it each time or was he just lying to the American people to try to get them to elect him. The Dems Should be applauding Wikileaks but instead have also berated Assange for leaking the truth and are siding with the Trump Administration on this issue.

That tells us a lot about the two-party system and how they really feel about their corruption being exposed and what they are willing to do and say to keep from being exposed and to get elected.

So many people are both huge fans of Assange and others like Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblowers that maintaining the Administration’s current stance of wanting to prosecute them shows either a propensity to lie or stupidity of costing him and other members of the Republican Party the next election. With Hillary Clinton and others in the Democratic leadership also coming out against Assange and Snowden, it will be interesting to see how the voters respond to this and other egregious actions by the alleged bipartisan duopoly or will the voters wise up and revolt.

The True Nature Of Politics

We all know they’re lying, even in the UK some of the time, but how do we know when? We don’t, yet how many out there keep picking one of the two major party candidates knowing this?  Women, sadly I find, are the most gullible. They, of course, think they have superpowers of intuition and body language reading, so I don’t really know how to explain this.

The Enactments of the Ten (10) Platforms of Communism

This paper is not about the necessity or ethics of taxation. This is about what laws have been enacted in our country and how it relates to the writings of Karl Marx, primarily in his book, The Communist Manifesto. It is about economics and law, what I call socio-economics; how the law economically affects our society and vice versa.

Ten (10) Platforms of Communism were developed by Karl Marx, who is considered by most, because of his various writing and especially “The Economists Manifesto”, the father of communism. These 10 platforms are itemized in the book.  I paraphrased them a little, to better relate to our language and more modern times. As an example, his 10th and the final platform is “Free Education of All children in public schools”. Today, we call this “Public Education”.

As you will come to understand, most countries in the world today have implemented the 10 platforms of communism in part or in total, many phasing them in over time. However, several attempts like the former USSR, China, and Cambodia were implemented rapidly with disastrous results, literally causing the deaths of millions of their own Citizens as the transfer of property from private ownership to the government was physically enforced. Counties like India, perhaps not as rapidly, implemented them relatively quick, also with disastrous results. Both China and India have started reversing some of their he communist enactments allowing more private enterprise and commerce, however, the governments still retain high levels of power through centralized control; the hallmark of communism.

Marx’s theory was to slowly transfer the ownership and control of private enterprise over to the government using his 10 platforms. By controlling tax rates and providing benefits to certain interests, a government could manipulate and control the redistribution of wealth while making sure that the government maintains its power, control, and enforcement of the taxes and regulations.  His theory was that in this way, a government could more equitably and fairly redistribute the wealth, based on need. Those counties which have fully implemented his theory have not faired very well.

Only a few of the wealthier countries have been able to enact some portions of the 10 platforms without having severe negative results on their societies, often negating the intended benefits. There are over 130 countries using various communistic social policies and the overwhelming number of them have increased levels of social problems. The very same social problems Marx’s theory was supposed to improve.

Communist Platforms already enacted into Law in the U.S.:

A Central Bank – 5th Platform – The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States

A Progressive or Graduated Income tax – 2nd Platform – The beloved IRS.

Public Education – 10th Platform

Government Regulation of Transportation and Communications – 6th Platform

Subsidized Corporate Farming – 9th platform – corporate welfare to agricultural interest like Big sugar and Big tobacco have been going on for decades.

Partially Enacted Platforms of Communism already enacted into Law in the U.S.:  

Abolition of Private Property – 1st Platform

1.       We now have the majority of residential mortgage lending in the U.S. being owned, administered and controlled by the Federal Government through FNMA, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA. Because of the lack of active buyers of these mortgage packages being originated, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States has had to purchase about $1.7 trillion worth of these loans since 2008, after our 1st major credit collapse occurred. FNMA and Freddie Mac were privately controlled until 2008 but were insured by the Federal Government, thus taking over control after they both became insolvent.

2.       We now have over 110 different taxes and regulatory fees. The personal income tax by both the States and Federal government are partially taxes on human labor and are a usurpation of one of our basic inalienable rights. Your labor is really an exchange for money and is therefore not income as defined by the Courts. It’s really a trade or exchange of money for your time, energy and intellect. Therefore, unless you believe the government owns people, taxes take away our property rights that are supposed to be protected by the IX Amendment. The Bill of Rights was supposed to be about protecting our personal and financial rights and labor is the essence and life force of a human being.

Abolition of all rights of inheritance. – the 3rd platform of communism

One of the last essential industries is healthcare.  Both the healthcare and insurance industry were in their technological infancy when Marx wrote his Manifesto, so it was not really considered a basic need back then. As medical costs have skyrocketed over the years, medical insurance has become a more controversial political issue. Just 80 years ago, medical health insurance did not exist.

1.       Medicines such herbs, minerals, vitamins, and pharmaceutical drugs.

2.       Healers/practitioners such as MDs, nurses, nurses aides, Nutritional Doctors, Chiropractors, etc.

3.       Health insurance

If you follow the various alternative healthcare industries and government policies you will find both highly regulated elements to it but also constant government attempts to prohibit or regulate various elements of the industry that have been successfully operating for thousands of years. Herbal medicine and chemistry have been used by every culture going back centuries and today we have the scientific studies to prove the efficacy of most of them and interestingly enough it is rare for the U.S. government to support such studies as they do with Big Pharma and the wealthier special interests.

Confiscation of property of all immigrants and rebels – the 4th Platform – One must only think of Edward Snowden and the numerous other Whistleblowers who have been prosecuted by the U.S. Government for exposing government corruption.  Additionally, think of the exorbitant costs being charged by the legal community and government to gain entrance into the U.S. by immigrants.

Only the 7th platform of Communism has not been directly enacted into law. “Government ownership of factories and agriculture”.  However, one could argue that corporate taxes, employment taxes and the plethora of regulations by the Department of Agriculture, SEC, Department of Health, and other regulatory agencies, may not give direct ownership rights to the government but it does give regulatory controls and monetary benefits via taxation to the government.  It taxes and regulatory requirements are not met a company can easily be forced into bankruptcy or closure.

The 8th Platform is Government control of labor. The U.S. Government controls labor and wages in a number of ways. By taxing business profits and the labor of the employees, the government actually contributes to lower wages. We fewer taxes and regulations there would be more productivity and greater need for higher employment levels. With higher employment levels employers will have to compete for more for employees thus offer higher wages to attract the desired employees. By controlling labor they can actually keep costs down, making it more profitable for the investors.

Well, there are the 10 platforms of communism as noted in Karl Marx’s book, The Communist Manifesto.  Interestingly enough, according to Nobel Laureate Dr. Milton Friedman in his book, Free To Choose, which I fact-checked, the entire 1928 and 1932 platforms of the American Socialist Party are also now law in this nation.  Three decades of massive immigration in the country literally did bring us their tired, their poor, their huddled masses yearning to breathe free from countries all over the world, many of them whom had embraced the communist ideology and were suffering for it. It was creating poverty and despotism around the world so let’s bring it to America, the once bastion of liberty and free enterprise and turn it into a horrible place to live like you came from.

Over the course of the next several months, I am going to publish writings on each one of the ten platforms showing how they are really a blueprint to take control of a society by the ruling class and not the way for the workers to establish equality, fairness, and justice into society as Karl Marx tried to convince the majority into believing.  Why would Marx do this, do you ask? Because he was paid to and many believe if not a total sociopath, he was darn close to it.  If you haven’t listened to Stefan Molyneux’s video title; The Truth about Karl Marx on Youtube, it’s a well-researched eye opener.

Some Good News On Illegal Searches.

“Law enforcement officials generally need a warrant to get mobile-phone tower records that show someone’s location over an extended period, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a decision that bolsters digital privacy rights.

Voting 5-4, the court ruled Friday in favor of Timothy Ivory Carpenter, who said prosecutors violated the Constitution when they obtained four months of phone data and used it at trial to show he was near the sites of a string of armed robberies. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s liberals in the majority.”

IMHO, this is way to close for comfort. Thinking that four (4) Justices ruled against him is pretty pathetic.  The protection of Individual rights is far greater to society than putting one man in prison.

Remember, the only people that should really care whether they are guilty or innocent, once a case goes to the appellate level, is the Defendant(s) or Plaintiff(s) in trying case.

The rest of us should be focused out protecting our inalienable rights and nothing else. We should not let our emotions focus on anything but the target. Thus this is a very good decision.

The should have gotten a warrant. Real simply, unless they didn’t have enough other material proof to indict him. Law enforcement is notorious for framing one person or a group of people to cover the illicit activities of others. We’ll probably never know now.

Now with that said, the ruling oligarchs will often acquiesce such controls if it can ever be used against them. Justice is a fickle lady. We still have to side with protecting rights, because God knows innocent people will surely be targeted. It is better to let one guilty man go free than to allow injustices against the innocent. Justice cannot be perfect just as we humans are never perfect.



What To Teach Our Children; to be good Citizens

We must teach our children that all human and individual rights are inalienable.
We must teach our children what inalienable rights are and that they cannot be justly usurped.
We must teach our children that liberty is better than involuntary servitude.
We must teach our children that they, as individuals, are more important than the state and the common good.
We must teach our children that giving to others is one of the human actions that create joy and happiness.
We must teach our children that taxation is an economic form of involuntary servitude.
We must teach our children the protection of individual property rights is more important than the redistribution of wealth to serve the common good.
We must teach our children that self-defense, both from criminals and from the tyranny of the State is an ethical responsibility to both themselves and to others.
We must teach our children that their ethical behavior is paramount to a civil society.
We must teach our children that honesty and integrity are fundamentals of ethical behavior.
We must teach our children that aggressions such as force, coercion or fraud are unethical behaviors that give rise to the lawful concept and use of self-defense.
We must teach our children that the use of force and coercion are both reasonable and lawful rationales to assert self-defense.
We must teach our children that self-defense is sometimes a legitimate and necessary means to deter force and coercion.
We must teach our children the concepts of Natural Law and the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).
We must teach our children that equal justice under the laws of human nature is a necessary foundation for a civil society.
We must teach our children that all human beings have the same individual and inalienable rights unless and only if they try to usurp the rights of others through aggression, coercion or fraud.
We must teach our children that the non-aggressive actions by others, even if they offend them must be tolerated and that tolerance is a virtue.
We must teach our children that their non-aggressive behaviors and communications may offend others, therefore consider carefully your actions and what you say before taking them or speaking.
We must teach our children to work hard and smart. To work with others under the various ethical conventions, such as the Law Merchant, our world offers and to attempt to seek and achieve those things that benefit mankind.
We much teach our children the Law Merchant and how and why it came to be.
We must teach our children to stand up for what they believe and do not intellectually back down from those who do not wish there to be a civility.
We must teach our children that not all those that seek positions of authority can be trusted to either be truthful or just.
We must teach our children that wisdom does not always come easily or quickly. That they must work hard to both gain the experience and the knowledge to achieve it.
We must teach our children the patients is truly a virtue and that others will often fail to choose it.
We must teach our children that the use of the phrase “We must teach our children” at the beginning of each sentence is redundant and unnecessary.
That the historical stories passed down to us are often skewed to protect the improprieties of those involved and that we all fall short of perfection.
That our actions, sometimes even the simplest can have profound effects on others and the world.
That the planet is not a trash can and that pollution is simply stuff being in the wrong place; make sure it gets in the right place.
To be skeptical of those religions that grant special privileges or rights to those who believe in their doctrines, over those that do not.
That morality is subjective and is how you choose to ethically live your life. That others have the right to chose how they ethically live their lives subject to however the NAP, not harming others or their property through the aggressions of force, coercion or fraud.
To love and to care for and about others and to be honest with both your heart and your actions.
That hurtful words cannot be taken back once they are stated and that withholding them is often a sign of wisdom and virtue.

Alfred Lord Tennyson; “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

John Adams; “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the great legislator of the universe.”

Thomas Jefferson; “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

George Washington; “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force, like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

So, the challenge to parents and educators; teach your children what is important and teach them the truth. I have a feeling that some of you may need to brush up a little on both.