Some Good News On Illegal Searches.

“Law enforcement officials generally need a warrant to get mobile-phone tower records that show someone’s location over an extended period, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a decision that bolsters digital privacy rights.

Voting 5-4, the court ruled Friday in favor of Timothy Ivory Carpenter, who said prosecutors violated the Constitution when they obtained four months of phone data and used it at trial to show he was near the sites of a string of armed robberies. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s liberals in the majority.”

IMHO, this is way to close for comfort. Thinking that four (4) Justices ruled against him is pretty pathetic.  The protection of Individual rights is far greater to society than putting one man in prison.

Remember, the only people that should really care whether they are guilty or innocent, once a case goes to the appellate level, is the Defendant(s) or Plaintiff(s) in trying case.

The rest of us should be focused out protecting our inalienable rights and nothing else. We should not let our emotions focus on anything but the target. Thus this is a very good decision.

The should have gotten a warrant. Real simply, unless they didn’t have enough other material proof to indict him. Law enforcement is notorious for framing one person or a group of people to cover the illicit activities of others. We’ll probably never know now.

Now with that said, the ruling oligarchs will often acquiesce such controls if it can ever be used against them. Justice is a fickle lady. We still have to side with protecting rights, because God knows innocent people will surely be targeted. It is better to let one guilty man go free than to allow injustices against the innocent. Justice cannot be perfect just as we humans are never perfect.



What To Teach Our Children; to be good Citizens

We must teach our children that all human and individual rights are inalienable.
We must teach our children what inalienable rights are and that they cannot be justly usurped.
We must teach our children that liberty is better than involuntary servitude.
We must teach our children that they, as individuals, are more important than the state and the common good.
We must teach our children that giving to others is one of the human actions that create joy and happiness.
We must teach our children that taxation is an economic form of involuntary servitude.
We must teach our children the protection of individual property rights is more important than the redistribution of wealth to serve the common good.
We must teach our children that self-defense, both from criminals and from the tyranny of the State is an ethical responsibility to both themselves and to others.
We must teach our children that their ethical behavior is paramount to a civil society.
We must teach our children that honesty and integrity are fundamentals of ethical behavior.
We must teach our children that aggressions such as force, coercion or fraud are unethical behaviors that give rise to the lawful concept and use of self-defense.
We must teach our children that the use of force and coercion are both reasonable and lawful rationales to assert self-defense.
We must teach our children that self-defense is sometimes a legitimate and necessary means to deter force and coercion.
We must teach our children the concepts of Natural Law and the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).
We must teach our children that equal justice under the laws of human nature is a necessary foundation for a civil society.
We must teach our children that all human beings have the same individual and inalienable rights unless and only if they try to usurp the rights of others through aggression, coercion or fraud.
We must teach our children that the non-aggressive actions by others, even if they offend them must be tolerated and that tolerance is a virtue.
We must teach our children that their non-aggressive behaviors and communications may offend others, therefore consider carefully your actions and what you say before taking them or speaking.
We must teach our children to work hard and smart. To work with others under the various ethical conventions, such as the Law Merchant, our world offers and to attempt to seek and achieve those things that benefit mankind.
We much teach our children the Law Merchant and how and why it came to be.
We must teach our children to stand up for what they believe and do not intellectually back down from those who do not wish there to be a civility.
We must teach our children that not all those that seek positions of authority can be trusted to either be truthful or just.
We must teach our children that wisdom does not always come easily or quickly. That they must work hard to both gain the experience and the knowledge to achieve it.
We must teach our children the patients is truly a virtue and that others will often fail to choose it.
We must teach our children that the use of the phrase “We must teach our children” at the beginning of each sentence is redundant and unnecessary.
That the historical stories passed down to us are often skewed to protect the improprieties of those involved and that we all fall short of perfection.
That our actions, sometimes even the simplest can have profound effects on others and the world.
That the planet is not a trash can and that pollution is simply stuff being in the wrong place; make sure it gets in the right place.
To be skeptical of those religions that grant special privileges or rights to those who believe in their doctrines, over those that do not.
That morality is subjective and is how you choose to ethically live your life. That others have the right to chose how they ethically live their lives subject to however the NAP, not harming others or their property through the aggressions of force, coercion or fraud.
To love and to care for and about others and to be honest with both your heart and your actions.
That hurtful words cannot be taken back once they are stated and that withholding them is often a sign of wisdom and virtue.

Alfred Lord Tennyson; “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

John Adams; “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the great legislator of the universe.”

Thomas Jefferson; “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

George Washington; “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force, like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

So, the challenge to parents and educators; teach your children what is important and teach them the truth. I have a feeling that some of you may need to brush up a little on both.

The Myth of the Rational Voter

The Myth of the Rational Voter by Prof. Bryan Caplan and the Myth of the Rule of Law by Professor Hasnas as well as my assessment, The Democratic Capitalist Illusion, of the ability of uneducated individuals participating in any form of democratic process dealing with political economy is highly unlikely to produce a desirable outcome. The key point being, uneducated in the area of political economy. People are not necessarily too stupid to vote, they just have not been taught how to be a good Citizen. They have not been taught to know the difference between a good and bad law, yet we are taught to go ahead and vote anyway with Party campaigns to get out the vote. The politicians are also lying and deceiving us as to what the will and will not do when elected to office. For those that are knowledgeable about the policial economy, we recognize many of the lies, because we know they can never deliver on the promises they make. To the uninformed, it emotionally influences them to vote for the wrong candidates. Hense why to the two major political Parties try so desperately to keep out any significant third Parties, especially the Libertarians whose sole purpose is the dismantling of political power through the minimizing of taxation.

As history has shown us time and time again, the majority of people will flat out vote their own individual rights away for social benefits, until they wake up one day under a totalitarian regime that the majority cannot dismantle or defeat. This is when atrocities such as mass exterminations and civil wars occur.

Couple that with the various religious influences from people who swear they are the children of God and you have what we historically called Government, none of which have worked well or greatly benefited the majority. We drown ourselves in fictional literary works, movies and sport just to bare the financial and physical oppression to both our minds and spirit.

Total US household debt soars to record above $13 trillion; could we Default

Add in the $20.5 trillion of Federal Government Debt and the combined debt of all States, Counties, and Municipalities of $3.098 Trillion, the total debt comes to over $37 Trillion.

“Since the day of Alexander Hamilton, the United States has never defaulted on the Federal debt.” The private debt is another issue and the defaults during the 2008 housing collapse and subsequent credit collapse should tell you something.

That’s what we budget-watchers always say. It’s a great talking point. One that helps bolster the argument that default should not be an option in Washington’s latest debt limit showdown.

There’s just one teensy problem: it isn’t exactly true. The United States defaulted on some Treasury bills in 1979 (ht: Jason Zweig). And it paid a steep price for stiffing bondholders.

States & Local Debt $1,184.0 State $1,914.6 Local $3,098.6 Total

Stock Market Panic and Volatility; what are the real reasons?

© H. Skip Robinson – February 7, 2018

The short answer is really pretty simple: the investors of the world know that “MANY” of the people, it’s companies and the various government jurisdictions of the United States of America are all up to their eyeballs in debt. The U.S.A. is the largest debtor nation in world history, yet few of the political, social or business leaders are seriously considering doing anything to lower the debt. Instead, everyone keeps spending like its 1925 or 2005.

So, why not just keep borrowing more and more money to pay our way out of the debt? Because we’ve been doing this for the last 20 years and it obviously hasn’t worked and the majority are worse off today for it?

We’re in so much debt that:

  1. The U.S. Dollar has lost around 13% of it value and that’s against other devaluating currencies on the Dollar Index (DXY) in just the last year. This is a major indicator of price inflation.
  2. China has publicly stated that it is not going to continue to buy any more U.S. Treasuries in the future and we do not truly know, as some suggest, if they are bluffing or not.
  3. Japan is already now the largest holder of U.S. Treasuries and is having to buy their own government securities as well. Japan has the largest Debt to GDP ratio (325%+/-) of any country in world history that has yet to go bankrupt. It’s theoretically insolvent.
  4. Nations such as the BRICS; Brazil, Russia, India, China and So. Africa are beginning to trade both oil and other goods and services outside the U.S. dominated central banking system with its clearinghouse at the Bank of International Settlement. This list is growing to include a number of Asian, Middle Eastern and even countries like Venezuela. The desire for holding U.S. dollar-denominated assets such as cash and Treasuries is waning throughout the world. These countries and the list is growing, don’t even want to trade in U.S. dollars anymore.
  5. S. productively, except for military hardware and other defense goods and services, has drastically declined over the last 20 years with over 4,500 factory closures in just the last 12 years.
  6. The U.S Federal Government is in debt over $20 trillion and this is expected to continue. Its unfunded liabilities are so high, we are having to guess the number with some estimates at close to 100.
  7. The U.S. “annual” Federal Government Budget is approx. $4 trillion and $1 trillion of that is expected to be borrowed this year as tax cuts and loss of revenue occur.
  8. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States has now purchased $4.7 trillion worth of Government securities. (a combo of Mortgage Backed and Treasury).
  9. America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is substantially based on a war economy, being both the largest producers of military goods and services as well as the largest exporter.
  10. The City of Detroit is having to by back $55 billion of its own debt, it issued as part of its bankruptcy proceeding, cutting into its reserves. Cities are not supposed to be able to go bankrupt but or legal system is having to make exceptions to this law.
  11. Many States, Counties, and Cities are also near insolvency with States like Illinois and New Jersey facing massive debts and loss of revenues.
  12. Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory is insolvent economically and is physically in massive disrepair from a recent hurricane.
  13. Massive levels of student loans, auto loans, mortgages and credit cards debt are funding our societies continued demand for foreign goods. However, 100,000,000 million Americans are now living at or near the poverty line, making them poor consumers except for the very basic goods and services.
  14. The trade deficits are growing with just about every trading partner of the U.S. because we are consuming way more then we produce.
  15. Low paying service jobs now dominate the marketplace with productive jobs disappearing with all the factories.
  16. Many other social democracies around the world are suffering from the exact same problems the U.S. is having as if their leaders are mimicking the U.S. system. (bad idea?)
  17. Government controlled education is having a profound negative effect on our youth in both creativity and skills as standardized testing dominates the industry.
  18. Violence, theft, and incarcerations all continue to increase as especially the lower socio-economic classes are being pushed into financial insolvency.
  19. Even though those people now collecting unemployment compensation is below 5% according to the U.S. Government, Shadowstats, one of the more respected statisticians, including those having given up trying to find a job, is reporting total unemployment (U-6) at over 20%.
  20. Business, internet scams and criminal hacking such as identity theft even abound within the government databases with many private companies also reporting data theft.
  21. Law Enforcement is becoming more and more physically aggressive towards the general population trying to maintain law and order with increasing murders and other violent behaviors against innocent and unarmed civilians. As people become more and more belligerent towards authority, it is the police who are the ones on the front line in the clashes between overburdensome government policy and enforcement.
  22. Political corruption appears to now be the norm rather than the rarity. Everyone in the swamp appears to be investigating somebody else with our two-party system unraveling at the seams.
  23. Since the Great Recession, approximately 555 banks that are part of the FDIC, nationwide have failed.
  24. With over 110 different taxes and regulatory fees, most prices of products and services are at all time highs with consumers having to continue to borrow money to pay for the rising costs.
  25. I could keep going with the list, but these give you enough information for a bigger picture.

Now, the longer answer. We either need to drastically change our pollical ways by reducing spending and taxation or we are going to be forced to borrow more money. The question is from whom.  Our banks are loaded up. Other Countries like Japan and China are loaded up. All but the wealthy don’t have the money to contribute. Because of Treasuries now being such a poor investment, the wealthy appear to be willing to take the wild ride in the Stock Markets, instead. With U.S. Treasury yields rising, this means they are going down in value like the U.S. dollar has done over the last year.

It boils down to a supply-demand issue. We keep issuing more and more paper money in the form of Government debt and various loans and fewer and fewer investors, even governments want to invest in them because of their diminishing value. You wouldn’t invest in real estate if you thought it was going to go down in value, would you? When Treasury yields rise as they have been doing for over a year now, that means their price you can get for them if you want to sell them, is going down. Who is going to buy an asset when the price is going down, especially the debt of a government that already has $trillion in circulation. The fear is that more and more investors and governments are going to want to sell the Treasuries instead of buying them. If this happened in great enough amounts, it would cause another credit collapse like in 2008. Many people do not think the current international bond markets can withstand another 2008 type credit collapse because we now have well over twice the amount of debt we had then.

I haven’t even brought up the issue of financial derivatives yet because it is really contained in the banking and financial markets and it very complex for the average person to even understand. But if you read about them, it appears the same problems with excess supply and lack of demand are spooking the markets, just like rising Treasury yields are spooking the bond and stock markets.

To me, you do not get out of debt by borrowing more money. Believing that the monetary Gods are going to pull something out of their proverbial hat is why the stock market is so volatile and panic is starting to set in, knowing we really didn’t solve anything by adding on more debt back in 2008.

The Achilles Heel; the IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien

My discoveries on this issue often plague me as I try to provide them to others, knowing that most will discount them as either “moot”, potentially dangerous to my liberty and somehow, but I don’t know why, theirs, or just a waste of time.

But when you discover a fraud or illegal activities being perpetrated by those in positions of power, is it not our duty to blow the proverbial whistle. To at least make others aware of the unlawful activities.

How about if the actions are so grandiose in their scope and effect, it would have profound implications for our society. How about if it affects our society to the tune of some $1.8 trillion annually. The middle class is being wiped out and we wonder why?

What I discovered can be presented as two separate but contiguous issues. 1. That the government will always refuse to answer two basic questions if you ask them. I’ve tried five different ways, including filing suit again the United States and submitting various  Freedom of Infomation Act requests to get them to answer these questions. The Federal Court even refused to force them to answer and the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear the appeal, so this is no small matter. Of course, if they won’t answer these two basic questions, there is little chance of them telling you why and of course they never have.

Question 1. “What is the name of the Congressional Act that requires Citizens of the 50 States to pay a Federal Individual Income Tax on their labor when acting in their personal capacity as a private Citizen” and 2. “When was this Act passed into law?” These appear to be pretty straight-forward and critically important questions, right?

So this led me to my second discovery.  I kept asking myself, “why wouldn’t they answer these two important questions”. That prompted me to take a much closer look at all the documents I and others had received from the IRS over the years. Low and behold, not one single document I and others had received, had the Law I had been requesting on it. You thought the proverbial red flag right; actually, I was seeing a white flag in the hands of the IRS Commissioner and his agents but that’s more a fantasy than a reality for now.  It get’s even better. One of the last things I checked was the IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) that are being filed at the county court levels and the underlying Federal Tax Liens, supporting the filing of the NFTL, as a notice to achieve priority.

Nope, the Law or Statute showing the Act was not on them either. Now here’s the kicker. The law or Statute it represents must be noted on them to be valid as enforceable liens. According to both Federal Statute and Treasury Regulations, the exact phrase for the statute that must be noted on the lien for it to be a valid lien is, “the tax liability giving rise to the lien.” Obviously, all Taxation, for it to be lawful, must be adopted via a government Statute that is lawfully enacted by our legislative bodies, either local, State or at the Federal level. In other words, a government agency just can’t create a tax and be able to enforce it, without it first being properly promulgated through the legislative process and enactment.

So where’s the Legislative Act? Beats me and the Government won’t provide it. FYI: There were well over 2,000 people who participated in the lawsuit.

So, I simply placed some of the Liens I had researched in my book and then just cut and pasted the various elements noted on the liens. So it was pretty easy to provide the evidence for my contention. I take you through it step by step showing each element and the actual text I cut and pasted so you can read and understand it for yourself. I wanted a sophomore in high school to be able to understand it and I think I reached my goal.

Do you want to stop the constant wars and corruption permeating our society or not? In 1950 the entire Federal annual Budget was only $314 billion, surely they can do it now without the Federal Individual Income Tax because they’re still collecting through a plethora of other taxes and regulatory fees, over $1.2 trillion annually. The governments going to bitch and moan, but the waste, earmarks, and pork, if cut, would easily handle most of the cost reduction. That’s what the swamp really is. It’s not necessarily people although there is surely a lot of deadwood and redundancy that could be cut.