Membership and Qualification Standards of the Supreme Court Review Board

I, _________________________________ do hereby agree to and accept the Appointment to be a Member of the Supreme Court Review Board (SCRB) under the following terms and conditions, as set forth below:

  1. That I must be a Citizen of the United States of America as one of the criteria to qualify to be Member of the SCRB.
  2. That the Members, once the takeover occurs of the SCRB, by the Members will select by a vote to appoint a minimum of 21 Members as Managing Directors of the SCRB. That this number can never be altered downward, only upward.
  3. That an Appointment by a Citizens of the United States of America must be by either a notarized affidavit or an affidavit witnessed by at least four (4) Citizens of the United States of America.
  4. That the privacy, rights, and participation as a Member of the SCRB will be protected until such time as the various other members of the SCRB agree otherwise.
  5. That only those Appointees that meet the required qualifications to be a Member of the SCRB have a voting interest in the operation and fulfillment of the mission statement of the SCRB.
  6. That a preliminary number has been set by the designer of the system of Twenty-five (25) affidavits, as the required number of Appointments by Citizens of the United States of America, to become and maintain a position as a Member of the SCRB. That this number can be changed once the total number of qualified Members reaches 50 total members.
  7. That the total number of Members can never be fixed by the Members and is subject only to the Qualifications as specified in this Membership and Qualification Standards.
  8. That you must be at least the age of Twenty-five (25) and be a Citizen of the United States of America to be a qualified Member.
  9. That you must receive and maintain Twenty-five (25) affidavits from Twenty-five (25) different Citizens of the United States of America that are at least the age of Twenty-five (25) to be a Member of the SCRB.
  10. That you cannot be “currently” incarcerated in any jail, prison, stockade or any other facility that prohibits your ability and freedom to be an active Member but that you can accept Appointments from those Citizens of the United States that may be incarcerated, as long as their affidavits meet the required Standards.
  11. That a prior incarceration(s) does not nor can ever preclude a Citizen of the United States of America from being a Member of the SCRB.
  12. That as a Member, it qualifies you to be a voting Member, one person with one vote, both for the operational aspects and elements of the SCRB but also to be selected to review any and all Appellate cases the SCRB deems and determines desirable and necessary to review.
  13. That a 75% +1 plurality vote of
  14. That you will from time to time be randomly selected to review various Appellate cases, the SCRB deems and determines desirable and necessary to review. That you have the right to reject these assignments for any reason and at any time prior to the start of the review, but the case and decisions when published will show you as having declined the case.
  15. That as a Member, your privacy will be protected during your case Reviews, until such time, as the case and final decisions are published by the SCRB. That all Members during a review will have their identities remain private with an avatar and username as their identity in the computer system. That the Member, however, may converse privately with their Citizen Affiants (CF)s and only their Twenty-five CFs, but both parties agree and acknowledge to keep all conversations private and that their divulgence or leaking of information to any of person, will preclude them from the future participation as a Citizen Affiant or Appointee.
  16. We’re expecting a review with multiple Members working together to take about 30 to 60 days working, part-time, as to be able to conduct their normal business activities. Once a Member is selected for a case, the Members can choose, using a 75% +1 plurality of votes to determine the required time they desire to take. If no determination can be reached by the Members, it automatically gets set at thirty (30) days.
  17. The Members agree to make a diligent effort to work with others of similar ideologies and opinions to further either a concurring or dissenting opinion, to the best of their ability that provides the Citizens a complete and understandable opinion, you know one that really makes sense. There are no limitations other than the ones you create for yourself in working with others and how you do that as long, as you do it in the writing and/or the audio system within the SCRB secured software system. Working outside the SCRB secured software system is strictly prohibited except as noted above in #13. Speaking verbally or telephonically with anyone other than your CFs is strictly prohibited. If a group of members desires to bring in experts in a related field, they may do so, with permission from at least seven of the twenty-one (21) Managing Directors of the SCRB.
  18. The Members with a 75% + 1 plurality vote, may alter this Membership and Qualification Standards. All voting to alter any element within the operations of the SCRB will be totally transparent and thus made public after the vote.
  19. No voice votes or automatic changes can be made at any time.
  20. To be Continued




__________________________________________ __________________________________________

Witness                                                                                     Witness


STATE OF FLORIDA, COUNTY OF _________________________________


Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this _____ day of _________________, 20________, by

(_________________________________), as Citizen Appointee



(NOTARY SEAL)                       (Signature of Notary Public-State of Florida)

(Name of Notary Typed, Printed, or Stamped)


Personally Known ______ OR Produced Identification _____

Type of Identification Produced:_______________________________________________