Stories of Injustice

This link is where you can post your story of any injustice(s) you believe have been done to you or others. Try to be as concise and brief as possible with facts, not opinions, just as an Attorney must provide in a court of law. People and Judges want to hear only those facts which provide substance and can be defended or proven. Things like hearsay, rumors, the neighbor’s opinion or conjecture are moot. Material evidence is what is required to prove anything whereas circumstantial evidence is only relevant as support to your material evidence. That is why putting a quick letter together and sending in a complaint is must better than making a phone call and complaining. You now have proof of both of the time and content of your allegations.


7 thoughts on “Stories of Injustice

  1. Taking of private property without due process of the law. Intentional use of chemicals as a weapon with intent to eliminate private property owner, causing serious chronic physical harm, Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against rights, Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 deprivation of rights under color of law, Title 42, U.S.C., Section 3631 – Criminal Interference with Right to Fair Housing
    Public corruption and civil rights, ARTICLE XIV, 18 U.S.C. § 229 – U.S. Code – Unannotated Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 229.


    • As I think I have noted previously, the only way that I have ever heard of, to stem local corruption is to use Grand Juries in other close locals to personally get indictments. One person I’ve met just went to several of them and made criminal complaints and one finally took the complaint and issued an indictment. The government when it was less corrupt use to promote the Citizens to file criminal complaints against individuals but today there is so much corruption in the various levels of govenrment itself that it would open the door to a massive number of complaints and indictments. We apparently still maintain this ability although it is discouraged, thus you must be diligent, adamant, forceful and not take “No” for an answer when filing your complaint. Prosecutors have become the Judge, Jury and Executioners because they are working in collusion with the Judges to manipulate the Jury and proceedings. Withholding material evidence is the greatest fraud and unless the case is high profiles with many onlookers, the victim(s) are just swept under the proverbial rug. One friend filed suit against a Judge for doing this and low and behold the very Judge that he was filing suit against was given the case as the Judge. Of course, he immediately dismissed the case against himself. This case is well documented in the courts, but we have been led away from involving ourselves in the justice system with all the political infighting by the two major Parties. People do not want to believe, even though scientific studies prove it, that we have long been an oligarchy. We have been distracted into believing if we can only vote good people into office everything can be fixed. Sadly politicians have always lied to get elected. This is why I have developed this website. Until you stop the corruption within the judiciary and law enforcement, the politicians have unlimited powers and the majority is being taxed, regulated, fined and imprisoned at very high rates. We now have about 100 million people living at or near the poverty line. That’s almost 1 in 3 people indicating we have a systemic problem.

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      • It is my opinion that the convincing of the people to vote is pure propaganda, The citizens votes make no difference at all. The one-percenters know who is going to be given the title before the first vote is cast. There are no good politicians or law enforcement officers. None, if there were the corrupt would be weeded out as they commit their violations of the Constitution when those violations occur. Those who do go down had to have had a resource that is not known to the general public. My neighbor was a full blown psychopath. The FBI agent did not investigate any of the hard copy evidence. He admittedly made his determination that no violation of Federal law had been committed based on hearsay given to him by the County Sheriff by a third party. He refused to disclose to me what that information was. I know for a fact that whatever it was, is false. There are only two people who know the facts of this case, The neighbor and myself. In every incident this neighbors word was used as evidence. This neighbor is a pathological liar. I can prove all my allegations. No authority will review that evidence. I was taken out of the workforce by the intentional exposure to the toxic chemicals. Severely effecting the amount of Social Security I will be eligible for. My private property was illegally seized, severely affecting the assets available as I had planned to use in my future retirement plans. I have not been diagnosed with non hodgkin’s lymphoma, I am not eligible for a claim against Monsanto. I have been diagnosed with chronic severe skin condition caused by the intentional exposure to the chemical. All medical treatment and travel expenses come from my penniless pocket. Until a competent Federal authority sets down and reviews my evidence there is no way to claim an investigation has been done. Only more government officials taking part in the conspiracy against my rights. To know that there are so many agencies, departments and authorities that I have contacted and claim to have no authority to review my case is a crime in itself. Terrorist acts committed against American citizen in the homeland is exactly what happened in my case.


    • You must somehow get a large enough local group together to fight this guy and his cronies. You have to make them realize their money and liberty are at stake.

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      • The local officials began the smear campaign of my character long before the chemicals were applied to my property. This happened in my hometown. The local law enforcement began defaming my character to the general public claiming I am “crazy”. My physical condition had me homebound. Nobody witnessed any abnormal behavior from me. Some witnessed me crying, not due to me being “crazy”. I was completely distraught. Having a civil court order citing my right to use my property as I wished. That court order never being complied to or enforced absolutely caused a state of despair. I knew that this man had every intention of killing me with the chemicals. I would have been murdered if I had not fled from my property. There are no two ways about that. The general public believes I am crazy. The area I am from is very rural and very naive to the working of our government officials. They continue to believe that if a law enforcement officer makes a public statement that statement has to be true. They believe law enforcement and local officials in general stand behind their oaths. Very few have had personal experience to convince them of what I have experienced.


        • It is interesting how government propaganda works. The older I get the more I am inclined to believe that those in government knowingly recruit those who will be less likely “not” to whistleblow on the system and the people involved. A commenter on another blog wrote, “Thank God, the military trains us to be killers, I would be pissed if I were a carebear”.

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